Students are expected to establish good habits of punctuality and attendance as soon as they join the school. Students should always be in school by 8.45 am to enable them to get organised for their lessons.  A class register is taken at 8.50 am each day.  Any student who is not present when the register is called is marked absent. If a student is late for registration, she must see Miss Begum, the Attendance Officer in Room G27 and sign the late book.  There is a sanction system in place in order to deter students from being late.

Procedures for Absence

At Plashet we recognise that good attendance is intrinsically linked with achievement.  Parents/Carers are encouraged to ensure that their daughters attend school regularly, unless they are unwell.  On the first day of sickness Parents/Carers are required to telephone the Attendance Officer to report the reason for absence.  On their return to school all students are required to bring a letter of explanation, which in most cases will authorise the absence.

If a student has a medical appointment during the school day, she is required to show her Form Tutor and Class Teacher the appointment card and a letter from home.  The appointment card has to be signed by the student’s Form Tutor before she may sign out of school at the school office.  Upon returning to school, the student must report to the school office and sign back in.

Procedures for Lateness

Punctuality is considered to be very important. Students are expected to be in their classroom by 8.50 each morning. As the school is large students need to be on site by 8.45am to ensure that they are punctual. Punctuality to all lessons is also insisted upon. Students who are not punctual are sanctioned with a thirty minute detention.

Attendance Officer

The school has a dedicated Attendance Officer who works very closely with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and Coaching & Mentoring Department of Learning Mentors. Together they work towards inclusion for all students to have an opportunity to all aspects of education. Plashet has an electronic register system that enables the attendance officer to pick up on any lateness quickly. This is then relayed to Year co-ordinators and parents. The School has an attendance rate of over 95% each year. Absences are dealt with on a daily basis with the attendance officer making first day absence phone calling a priority. The school has a School Attendance Consultative Group that meets twice each term to determine if there are any students that have very poor attendance. If this is found to be the case then the panel sits to decide on strategies to use to implement better attendance. In extreme cases the panel can recommend court action. This is only undertaken once the panel is satisfied that all other interventions have been accessed by the student and family.

Extended Holidays

The Department for Education do not permit holidays being taken in school time as it affects student achievement. The school and the Local Authority (LA) discourage holidays being taken in school time as it affects student achievement. Parents should be aware that the local authority operates a penalty notice system in relation to term-time absence. Students will be taken off roll if they are absent for more than fifteen school days and parents will need to re-apply to the Education Office for a Secondary School place in the Borough.

School Attendance Matters

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