The key to successful exam preparation is to make the process active. Many students think that staring is the same as learning and spend a considerable amount of time simply staring at their notes. Such activity is almost completely useless and will not help any student learn anything! Students must use active techniques if they are to see the time spent on exam preparation used successfully. Included in this edition of Plashet Post are our ‘Top Tips’ for revision.
For all our girls, getting into the habit of active revision will help maximise exam potential and ensure another generation of young women at Plashet revel in exam success in the future.
During the holidays I would be grateful if parents could continue to support students. Some of the following suggestions may be useful, though the list is of course not exhaustive:

  • Encourage students to get up at a reasonable time and study
  • Encourage work in small sequences (as outlined in the schedule above)
  • Please do reward study with treats – the odd nice snack for example!
  • Make sure that the environment is conducive to learning
  • Provide as much encouragement as you can
  • Ask your daughter to set a revision timetable and then monitor it carefully
  • Please check that your daughter isn’t being distracted by mobile phones or other devices such as iPads.
  • Encourage study groups only if you can monitor that study is actually getting done!

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