The Year Coordinator is the person whom parents should contact initially about any aspect of their daughter’s school life.  S/he will know whom to consult and will be able, where necessary, to arrange a meeting with appropriate individuals.

As soon as parents have any concerns or worries, they should telephone the school and make an appointment with the Year Co-ordinator.  If s/he is not available the Year Coordinator, Assistant Year Coordinator or member of the Leadership team who line manages the cohort will meet with them and talk through the problem.

Students will bring ‘Plashet Post’, our newsletter, home every other Friday as well as information letters and invitations to school activities from time to time.  A prompt return of tear-off reply slips is requested on most letters.  These should be given to the student’s Form Tutor unless otherwise stated on the return slip, in which case, it should be returned to the named person. Parents will also be sent text messages to alert them that a communication by letter is being sent home.

In the case of sickness or an accident, the school will contact the student’s parents/carers so that they may collect their daughter.

It is essential that the school has an up-to-date emergency contact number for all students.

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