Reporting Learning Progress

For students in all years, we report to parents/carers three times a year about their daughter’s progress. The vehicles for this are:

  • A Progress Check
  • A Parents’ Evening
  • A full Academic Report

In addition, there are meetings for parents/carers at specific stages of their daughter’s education. These are:

  • Year 7 Meet the Tutor
  • Year 9 Guided GCSE Choices
  • Year 9 KS4 Transition
  • Year 11 Post-16 Pathways

If at any stage parents/carers wish to discuss the progress of their daughter in any subject area, they are encouraged to contact specific subject teachers.

Celebrating Learning and Progress

Recognising, rewarding and celebrating learning is regarded as important at Plashet in terms of raising achievement since they increase student self-esteem and create a climate where learning and progress are admired and desired. Positive behaviour for learning and developing a growth mind-set where the brain is seen as a muscle that can be strengthened is encouraged at all times.

There is a commendation system in Years 7, 8 and 9 where commendations may be given for learning progress within school and home study as well as extra-curricular development or for a leadership responsibility undertaken.  Commendations are recorded in the students’ planner and certificates and rewards are presented in assembly. In Years 10 and 11 teachers nominate students for awards for outstanding commitment to and progress in their learning.

Students at Plashet are made to feel proud of their achievements and Form Tutors will make reference to these in academic reports as well as at Parents’ Evening.

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