Year 7

At Plashet, we consider the transition from Primary school to Year 7 to be of the utmost importance. With this in mind, we strive to make that transition as smooth as possible for the students. We invite our new cohort into Plashet at the end of Year 6 to experience a Transition Day in which they participate in lessons, meet their classmates and where possible, work with their Form Tutor. We also introduce a Summer Task project that will hopefully encourage students to continue their excellent learning habits established at Primary School.

During the academic year, there are a range of opportunities for parents to meet with the Year 7 Team – with Meet The Tutor Meetings early in the Autumn Term and Year 7 Parents’ Meetings, where all subject teachers and tutors are available to meet with parents/carers to discuss their daughter’s progress in the Spring Term. Additionally, there is regular monitoring of student progress through our reporting and data collection cycle, which for Year 7 begins with CATS testing in the first half term, in addition to assessment and learning data collected by all departments, particularly EAL/SEND. At Plashet we are committed to ensuring that there is personalised learning and, if necessary, intervention for all students who need it.

There are also a range of extra-curricular activities for Year 7 to enjoy at Plashet, such as the whole-year Pantomime trip, Inter-form sports events, and Sports Day in the Summer Term and on-going subject visits throughout the year.

A great start to an enjoyable and aspirational time as a Plashet student!

Year 8

Throughout Year 8 we remain committed to not only increasing our students’ academic progress, but also in working with them to develop their love of learning and learning orientated behaviours. We believe that to manage the pursuit of excellence in their studies, our students must deliberately practice different behaviours. By increasing their resilience and supporting students in the belief that their intelligence is not fixed, we believe we can contribute to maximising every student’s potential.

Throughout Year 8, students will continue to practice the following skills. We call these the ‘Plashet Practices’:

  • Communication
  • Independence
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience

We have designed a tutorial programme to support students in doing this. Students also revisit these skills on a regular basis to assess the development they are making.

The Year 8 Tutor Team are dedicated to supporting and guiding the students through a very important stage in their academic career.  Towards the end of Year 8, there is another transition point as our students embark on the study of either Geography or History and they select two subjects to focus on for the year, with a view to select their most successful subject for GCSE study in Year 9.

Plashet Pride Award

Every term, students in each tutor group nominate a student in their form for the Plashet Pride award. This award is for those students who have demonstrated a growth mindset and maximum development in each of the Plashet Practices. Students are required to evidence their decisions. Each student awarded receives a certificate and uniform pin. There are three levels of Plashet practice award available: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Year 9

Year 9 is another transition point as our students embark on the formal study of their option subject and their continued study of their GCSEs. The students will consolidate their skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects to enable them to cope with the demands of the formal exams, which they will undertake in the Summer of their Year 11.

As a year team, we recognise the importance of encouraging excellent attendance and punctuality in order for the students to make rapid (outstanding) progress and to this end, we reward their achievements in assembly. We recognise that good behaviour is paramount to the students learning and achieving their best and the students are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour.  We want our students to feel safe and happy and to this end, we listen to our students and act on their concerns. Form tutors will regularly review your daughter’s progress and identify any concerns so that the appropriate interventions can be put in place. In preparation for Key Stage 4, we offer the students opportunities to take on responsibilities such as peer mediation for younger students.

Within Year 9, the students will also have the opportunity to visit France with the Languages department and participate in a range of activities and clubs. The students are encouraged to contribute to and take part in year group assemblies. They will study a number of topics in CPSHE lessons to learn to become good citizens and prepare them for the challenges in later life.  They will have the opportunity to take part in fund raising activities so that they can learn to work as a team and take responsibility for making and/or selling products.

We look forward to working with you this year and appreciate your continued support.

Year 10

Year 10 students have moved swiftly into their important Key Stage 4 courses, fully appreciating the demands in terms of quantity of content, assessments and deadlines. The necessity for students to be organised, resourceful, committed and independent is now very much upon them, and these skills will assist and support them in their individual journeys to personal success and achievement.

Below are a few of the many exciting opportunities the Year 10 students will encounter during the year.

“Poetry Live!” in early December – all year 10 students will travel to a theatre in London to take part in the event, along with around a thousand students from various London Schools. The students will have lectures from various poets to inspire them and give exam advice to support their work in English. Similarly, students are given the opportunity to attend a Maths event to support their understanding of the relevance of the subject in their daily lives.

Work Experience starts in late March/early April for two weeks. All Year 10 students will experience what it is like in the world of work in a variety of placements, some of which students have set up for themselves. This will form the basis of their work related learning. The skills learnt will assist them in preparing for their future careers.

Applying to become part of the Student Leadership Team or the Prefect Coordinator/Prefect Team happens in April and the interview process usually takes place in early May.

This is just a snippet of some of the opportunities, trips and experiences available to Year 10 in what is a very busy two year programme.

Year 11

Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and important times in your daughter’s education. It concludes the formal journey of secondary education with the public GCSE examinations and marks the transition from KS4 to KS5 and post 16 education.

At Plashet we aim to ensure that your daughter is fully equipped to take on the challenges of life with tenacity, optimism, resilience and faith that her hard work will reap generous rewards. We work in partnership with families to achieve this with outstanding results over the years and we hope this tradition continues.

The key points of contact are the Form tutors, and Year Coordinator and Assistant Year Coordinator These members of staff meet regularly with your daughter and have an overview of her progress. We value good attendance, punctuality, purposeful application to studies and participation in whole school events.

Year 11 participate in a range of activities outside of the formal curriculum to support their studies

We encourage our students to take full responsibility for their learning. They need to make effective use of their planners to record homework and to self-monitor their attendance and punctuality. We encourage families and parents to support us with this by checking the school planner and signing it at the end of each week.

We strongly encourage your daughter to attend extra-curricular clubs that support her studies for example, Art Club, DT Club and Music club.  We also run a range of Maths and English booster classes to support your daughter and would ask you to support her attendance at these classes.

Should you have any queries please do contact your daughter’s form tutor or Year Coordinator.

Plashet School