Our School’s Purpose is…

Plashet is a school where our young women can grow, challenge, change and flourish; be accepted for who they are by peers and staff, whilst growing to be the best version of themselves they can be. We continue to hold dear our school motto ‘Working together to promote and celebrate achievement’. We are a school where academic habits are embedded early on. We are a school where the rules area clear and everyone knows them. We are a school with mature systems. We aim to ensure our young women are happy and successful whilst at Plashet and beyond. This means developing strong self-esteem and a sense of being empowered to think critically and make decisions. We strive to ensure that students leave us able to be safe, healthy, economically independent adults who enjoy learning and who can make a personal contribution to society. We have determined at Plashet that, for our young women, the key areas of personal development which will help them to do this are the acquisition of confidence, an awareness of how personal and political decisions affect the future, the capacity to lead others and to have a love of learning. For our teachers we promote using educational research to support experience in terms of the ‘what of teaching’ and to collaborate as much as possible.

The National Context of 2017

There is a national context for education which our new strategic plan also needs to take account of. Education policy has shifted dramatically over the course of the previous three-year strategic plan of 2013 – 2016. A number of fundamental, structural outcomes resulted which have important implications for Plashet’s new strategic plan.

  1. Competition: The introduction of Free Schools and the opportunity for all schools to become independent of Local Authorities by becoming Academies.
  2. Changes in Accountability Measures: There have been radical changes to the performance accountability framework for schools. The headline measures are now: Progress 8, Attainment 8, EBacc entry & EBacc achievement, % of students achieving Grade 5 & above in English & Maths.
  3. Financial Constraints & Reduction in the Role of the LA: there have been cuts to LA funding for successive years and the Government is now introducing a National Funding Formula for Schools. Prudence is essential and cutting potential waste is a top priority whilst ensuring that the quality of support which students and their families receive is not diminished. The achievement and well-being of our girls must remain central to everything we do.

There are some specific points to consider in the new strategy as a result of the national and local context:

  • In the light of local changes over the next year, there is a need to review Academy status and its implications in a fluid education context;
  • The need to review the curriculum each year in the light of new GCSEs and EBacc changes;
  • Managing the likely severe financial constraints and continuing to flourish against financial adversity.

Overview of General Success Measures 2016-19

  • Our headline Key Stage 4 national success measures will place us in the top 10% of schools in the country with a Progress 8 score of more than +0.5 each year.
  • Our transition developments will ensure we build securely upon our students’ primary school experience and support our Post-16 partnership work in terms of learning and personal development.
  • Our students will continue to thrive as a result of their curriculum experience making them increasingly independent, engaged and motivated to succeed as they move into Year 10 and start their GCSE courses.
  • Our students will continue to have a healthy attitude towards reading. Number will be a genuine source of fascination as we continue to raise students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and a consistent methodology will be embedded across subjects.
  • Our staff learning & development programme will raise the quality of teaching to ensure the vast majority of students make fantastic progress and staff exude confidence in the classroom. Our teaching and learning strategies will be evidence-based and developed overtime. Teaching at Plashet will be a pleasure and compatible with a healthy and happy life outside of school.
Plashet School