Most of us will, at some time, have attended a special event, for example a wedding. When we dress for events we consider a number of factors so we can look our best. One of these is the social convention of the event we are attending. Such conventions are built on tradition. If you were dressing for a wedding there is a formality that reflects the joyous nature of the event. This leads to different dress choices than those you might find if you were dressing for a job interview, where the seriousness of the event outweighs other considerations. From these examples you can see that people are used to dressing to reflect the underlying ethos of the occasion.

Our school has achieved success by creating a strong ethos that respecting yourself, others around you and the environment in which you live is critical to being a successful person. By creating this ethos, we have generated an attitude at our school that being part of Plashet is about always being as successful as you can be and never giving up on your quest to be the best. If we are to build upon our success, we believe that tailoring learning even more specifically to the needs of individuals and encouraging our young women to think more actively for themselves is vital. We also believe this ethos is aided by the symbolism of dressing for learning and that is why we always insist on our students looking smart as well as thinking smart.

We appreciate parents’ support in ensuring the students come to school in the correct uniform.

Our school uniform consists of the following:

  • Navy blue school jumper or school cardigan
  • White revere collar blouse
  • Navy blue Shalwar Kameez
  • Navy blue Jilbab (ankle length)
  • Navy blue full length school trousers
  • Navy blue school skirt (knee length or longer)
  • Navy headscarf – to be purchased at school
  • Black school shoes, no high heels, no open toes, no backless shoes, no boots, no fabric slippers

A coat or jacket is needed to wear to and from school.  The coat or jacket should not be denim or be made from denim-like material, nor have large logos on it.

Students are allowed to wear small studs or sleepers, a wristwatch and one bangle or chain of religious significance.  There is no school insurance to cover the loss of valuable items brought to school.

We advise that all uniform should have name tags. We appreciate parents’/carers’ help in ensuring the students come to school in the correct uniform.

Plashet PE kit is as follows:

  • Light Blue PE polo shirt with Plashet logo
  • Black Plashet PE trousers
  • Black Plashet PE Shell jacket with logo
  • Sports socks
  • Trainers

All jewellery must be removed prior to participating in PE.

School uniform can be purchased from the following school outfitters:

Ian Howard School Wear
409 Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2JT
Tel: 020 8472 1729

Fashion Stop
138 High Street North
East Ham
E6 2HT
Tel: 020 8552 3200

Headscarves are to be purchased from Main Reception in our school.

Equipment for Learning

Students are expected to have the following equipment and carry it in a suitable bag.

  • Pencil case
  • Pens
  • Pencils and coloured pencils
  • A long ruler
  • Rubber
  • A compass and protractor
  • A scientific calculator
  • A dictionary
  • An apron

Students are not to bring the following personal items to school:

  • Mobile Phones
  • iPods or MP3/MP4 Players
  • iPads or other tablet computers
  • Large sums of money

Student Planners

In order to assist students with their organisation, the school provides each student with a planner. Both students and staff are encouraged to use and refer to the planner regularly.  There are pages where students can set termly targets for themselves, record daily home study, and record their achievements.

Students should look at their planners every evening and check that they have completed the home study required and that they have all books and equipment for the following day.

Parents/Carers should check and sign their daughter’s planner weekly.

Plashet School