Name: Saquat Ali (Saq)
Governor Type: Parent Governor

Personal background/experience: I could be considered as capable, ambitious and successful investment banking professional who possesses a broad and deep knowledge of the global financial marketplace, but I hope that people would recognise that I have the ability to support, encourage and motivate colleagues and build new relationships.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: Coming from a financial background, I have a commercial perspective and proven business judgement. I also have a strong strategic capacity and bring great leadership and general management experience on board.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Governors Forum representative
  • Link Governor for Science
  • SACRE member
  • Finance & Staffing

Personal interests/hobbies:

  • Mentoring and community work

Name: Bila Boland
Governor Type: Staff

Personal background/experience: I graduated university with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation. Following this I lived in China for three years whilst teaching English as a second language. I am now in my 7th year of teaching at Plashet, currently holding the position of 2nd in charge of PE and dance.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I take pride in using a variety of different teaching and learning strategies that are tailored around the needs of individual students and classes. This in turn has allowed me to make impactful contributions to curriculum design and development. Through both my departmental and pastoral responsibilities, I have also honed my expertise and have an invested interest in nurturing the complete well-being of students; menatlly, physically and socially.  Most recently I have been broadening my professional development within the areas of equality and diversity, which I am extremely passionate about.

Governor Committee membership & role: TBC

Personal interests/hobbies: One of my biggest interests is travelling, whether that be driving around the Scottish Highlands in a motorhome or boating around the jungles of Borneo on the lookout for Orangutans. I am currently trying to learn Spanish in the hope of exploring parts of Latin America. When at home, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, staying active and frequenting music festivals and the theatre.

Name: Dona Henriques
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal background/experience: I am a Newham resident who attended Monega Primary School and Plashet school. I began my working life as a Youth worker in Tower Hamlets, running girls groups. I have taught in FE, Secondary and Primary sectors. I am the proud mother of 3 daughters, 2 of whom also attended Plashet school.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body:
Primary and Secondary education
Teaching and Learning
Local knowledge
Schools Budget

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Chair – Finance & Staffing
  • Link Governor for English

Personal interests/hobbies:

  • Reading and more reading
  • Heritage and history
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Arm chair Scientist
  • Collector of gadgets

Name: Jawad Khan
Governor Type: Parent

Personal background/experience:I have been a parent governor for some time. I also worked as a Sub Post Master for a number of local post offices. I have been working as a Director of Studies for an Alternative Provider College since 2002. Our college is Ofsted accredited and annually reviewed by QAA.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I wanted to volunteer as a parent governor because I recognised the importance of education and its effects on to the successful development of children.
As all my children studied in local schools, I have seen the quality of education they have received, and the effect this has had on their development. Through seeing the excellent efforts of the staff at the school to maximise the quality of the school experience for our children, I feel as a parent, I owe a debt to the school and its staff.  For this reason, I have volunteered my time and skills as a parent governor.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Finance

Personal interests/hobbies: I enjoy spending time with family and friends and I am interested in football and cricket.

Name: Meg Khan
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal background/experience: Since graduating with an Art degree in 2004, photography has been my form of creative expression and has paved the way into working within the arts/design sector. It was also the guiding force that initiated my work with young people. What began as facilitating developmental art projects with youngsters in Hackney youth centres, grew into consulting schools across London and on occasion, further afield. My understanding and then ability to support schools in raising aspirations in their students, regardless of social and economic disadvantage, has resulted in an approach which humbly speaking, works. A child, similar to any individual, who has even a glimmer of will and determination to achieve, once supported, can do just that. The guiding principles of my approach has been to support, nurture and develop the mindthe ability and the character of a young person. All while understanding that the prerequisite of any success has and always will be, that the young person is seen.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: With my experience and the work that I do, I bring a different perspective of what educating a young person can consist of. In addition, I am an ideas person who is able to translate those concepts and make them happen. I have also spent many years both initiating and sustaining effective partnerships with a range of people and businesses. Therefore bringing insight and access to careers.

Governor Committee membership & role: 

  • Finance committee

Personal interests/hobbies:

  • Photography and art
  • Reading
  • People and their stories
  • Travel

Name: Riaz Ahmed Mirza
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal background/experience: I moved to Newham, London in 1983 from Peterborough. I had many jobs within the local government; I worked in the Rent Office as a cashier and later worked as a Housing Officer, managing council properties. I became a Councillor for Newham in 1990 for 24 years and was a member of many committees, e.g. Audit Board, Safeguarding, Corporate parenting, Chair of social services and many others. In 1999-2000, I was elected as Mayor of Newham. From 2002 – 2014, I was an Executive member of the cabinet. Currently, I work as a conductor for Stagecoach and have been doing so for 12 years.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I was a parent and LA governor at Southern Road Primary from 1989 to 2012. Other governor roles have been at Brampton Manor and New Vic Sixth Form. I have been a governor at Plashet since 1992. The expertise I bring to the governing body is the knowledge I have gained whilst being a member of different committees such as social services and safeguarding. I know of challenges and barriers that children face which result in them not fulfilling their potential. I have and will always encourage children to aim high as nothing is impossible.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Staffing and Finance

Personal interests/hobbies:

  • Active member of a political party
  • Reading newspapers and keeping up with current affairs
  • Going to social and community events
  • Watching sports (football and cricket)

Name: Mohammed Mangerah
Governor Type: Staff

Personal background/experience: I have taught at Plashet School for over three years, and Forest Gate Community School before that. I am currently Subject Leader for Maths and teach GCSE Computer Science.  I am also a governor at another school.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: Being raised and educated in Newham, I am familiar with the local community and aware of many of the issues that students face. From a teaching perspective, my expertise lies in Curriculum Development and, Teaching and Learning within Maths and Computer Science. Given my Computer Science background, I have some insight into data analysis and IT infrastructure.

Governor Committee membership & role: TBC

Personal interests/hobbies: A foodie and an ardent Liverpool fan.  I also have a keen interest in studying Arabic and Islamic sciences.

Name: Pat Moran
Governor Type: Staff

Name: Sayo Odukogbe
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal background/experience: I was born and raised in Nigeria, relocated to the UK 17 years ago and lived in Newham, where I completed my Secondary School education. I have a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham. I am A Chartered Engineer, currently employed as a Senior Technical Professional by KBR (an EPC Oil & Gas company). I am a member of STEM and founder of an initiative called LEAD (Ladies in Engineering and Design), aimed at aspiring young girls in choosing a career in Engineering and technology and encouraging them to study STEM subjects.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I have lived in Newham for over 17 years, I am therefore familiar with and easily adapt to the local community. I possess high analytical skills from my professional & academic background and I am very comfortable with reviewing school data (i.e performance result data or reviewing the school budget). I am vibrant and could easily relate to the students, along with acting as a role model.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Link Governor for Mathematics
  • Link Governor for Student Discipline
  • Member of the Curriculum committee
  • Was the Link Governor for the new building

Personal interests/hobbies: I enjoy giving back, so in my spare time I promote STEM amongst school girls. I enjoy travelling, visiting new places and learning about different cultures, I am a committed member of my local church and coordinator of the book shop, in charge of sales and distribution of books and other media items. I also enjoy making my own cosmetics and body products, and most of all I like to spend quality time with family and close friends.

Name: Irene Papadopoulos
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal Background: I have been a teacher and Head of Department for over 20 years in Newham and Essex. Subsequently, I have worked as a research assistant in the Affective Disorders Laboratory at King’s College London. The laboratory undertook world class research into the biological background to mental disorders and helped to train PhD students and clinicians.I am a second generation immigrant from East London, who believes strongly in the power of education for all, and especially for girls.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I have served on Plashet’s Governing Board for over 17 years, and have been Chair for much of that time. I bring leadership and management skills, and extensive knowledge of education. Additionally, I have skills in staffing and recruitment, and experience in estate management having been a church warden (Grade 2 listed building). Above all, I am passionate about promoting educational opportunities for young people.

Governor Committee Membership:

  • Chair of Governor
  • Link Governor for Safeguarding and Health and Safety 
  • Curriculum
  • Finance/Staffing

Personal Interests: I love reading, going to the theatre, walking and gardening. The older I get, the more I also enjoy having meals and spending time with family and friends.

Name: Jo Sell
Governor Type: Co-opted

Personal background/experience: I have lived in Newham since I started to teach here, almost 40 years ago. I live just up the road from Plashet and bring years of teaching and community work experience. At present I am studying and researching into faith-sensitive relationships and sex education (RSE) at UCL as well as working to train teachers about RSE. I love a challenge and think that young people in Newham are very special.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I love asking difficult questions, but also love to encourage staff and students. I feel that my teaching and community experience together with being a mum of four, help me to bring a range of skills to the Governing Body. Being dyslexic, but still working hard to acheive help me to understand some of the struggles faced by some of our students.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Curriculum
  • Link governor for RE, RSE and Sociology

Personal interests/hobbies: I love Newham, and am interested in its history and its people. I swim for exercise, am one of the leadership team at Plaistow Christian Fellowship and keep bees as a hobby.

Name: Lakmini Shah
Governor Type: LA

Personal background/experience: My university education was from Friendship University of Moscow and Tashkent State University, Uzbekistan. I studied Political Economics and Political Science. I can read, write and speak Russian and still work with the Russian speaking communities in the UK. I came to England in 1989 and worked at British Gas as a Financial Consultant, mainly dealing with the Lombard Trinity Finance Company. Currently, I am a Councillor at  Newham Council. I have the cabinet responsibilities of Work and Skills, Safeguarding Children (Deputy) and Cabinet member for Preventing Domestic Violence.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I have a sound knowledge of the diverse communities in Newham. I have set up many women’s groups in Newham under a programme called “Conversation Cafes” to Empower, Engage and Develop women. I am passionate about women’s rights and equalities. I believe in educating women so they can be financially independent, this will enable them  to nurture and guide our next generation of young people. I am a mother of three children. I understand children, their behaviour  and know that children mature at different stages in life. As part of my remit as a cabinet member, I encourage women to  support and spend quality time with their children so that children achieve their best potential. My daughter just qualified as Doctor and my son has  gone to university to study Economics. I always advise my children, any interaction with another person or a party has to be done with kindness in mind, so the outcomes are always positive.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Link Governor for Expressive Arts

Personal interests/hobbies: I am a follower of  Buddhism. I believe in mindfulness and always live by example. I am currently looking in to a programme on Mindfulness and children to develop kindness amongst young people. I want children to understand and  learn that it is important to  live in the Present, not in the Past nor in the Future. 

Name: Farzana Sheikh
Governor Type: Parent Governor

Personal background/experience: After completing college, I worked in retail banking but then returned to education to obtain my Computing degree at university. I became a parent governor when both my girls were at Plashet. My eldest daughter is currently at university and the younger one is completing her second year of A Levels at college. I am also a Parent Governor at a local Primary School. My motivation for being a Governor is to have an inclusive, non-selective education for the children of our community.

Expertise brought to the Governing Body: I have been a teacher in a local Primary School for over 12 years and hope that my skills and experience will feed into my role in being an effective parent governor at Plashet. This involves helping to decide the priorities for improving the school whilst working in partnership with the Head Teacher, the leadership team and co-operatively with other Governors, in order to raise standards and improve outcomes for all our girls.

Governor Committee membership & role:

  • Curriculum
  • Link Governor for Art and French

Personal interests/hobbies: In the little spare time I have, I keep fit by playing badminton. I enjoy reading and playing the violin.

Plashet School