Graphics – KS3

During KS3 students undertake designing and making tasks which allows them to develop confident practical skills. Theory and concepts are fed into these projects so students have a broader understanding of the subject’s relevance. Students are always challenged to overcome design problems and think critically about existing designs and their impact on our lives.

Exam board and Syllabus: AQA Design Technology – Graphics (8552)

Students studying Graphics will go into more depth around designing and making skills, accessing more of the department’s tools, machinery and IT facilities, so they will become more independent and confident by the time they reach Year 11.

In their final year, the students will undertake a single coursework project. These projects are set by the exam board and interpreted by the students. This will account for 50% of their final mark. They will also be taught deeper and broader theory and concepts of design and technology, which will prepare them for their written exam in Year 11, worth the remaining 50% of their GCSE.

How students are assessed at the end of the course

• Non Exam Assessment (50%)
• Exam (50%)

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