Introduction to English

The study of English Language and Literature at Plashet is stimulating, challenging and varied.

Assessment for Learning is central to the English curriculum at Plashet; students have their progress checked regularly, through informal and more substantial, formal assessments.  The young women and teachers at Plashet thrive from a mixed attainment learning environment, with wholly personalised learning at the core of every learning experience.  Our English teachers will work to maximise the attainment of every student they teach. In turn, you can support your daughter by encouraging their wider reading; checking and ensuring their effort in homework tasks and through reinforcing the importance of ongoing spaced learning for their exams in Year 11.


In KS3, your daughter can expect to study a wide range of literary texts including: contemporary and classic novels, poetry, Shakespeare’s works and Literary Non-fiction. She will also study English Language, including how to communicate their ideas through a range of creative writing and the speaking and listening skills which are fundamental to their life as an adult.

Exam Board and Syllabus – AQA English Language (8700) & AQA English Literature (8702)

In English Literature, your daughter will study contemporary and pre-1914 poetry; classic novels and a Shakespearean play. In English Language, students develop a range of skills in creative writing; reading comprehension; analysis of texts and in listening receptively and speaking confidently.

How students are assessed at the end of the course

English Language is assessed through two final examinations (100%).
English Literature is assessed through two final examinations (100%).

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