Head Teacher’s Welcome

We are a highly successful, oversubscribed comprehensive girl’s school situated in the heart of East Ham.  The school is, due to high demand, admitting 10 forms entry, in other words, 300 girls, into its Year 7 from September 2018. Plashet School is housed in two main buildings on opposite sides of Plashet Grove that are linked by the award-winning Plashet Unity Bridge. East Ham tube station and High Street North are within two minutes’ walk of the school.

Plashet has a long history dating back to 1932 when East Ham Grammar School for Girls first opened on the South site. In the 1950s, the North site was built and Plashet County Secondary Modern School for Girls was opened. These two schools were amalgamated in 1972 and the two sites physically linked in November 2000 by our Unity Bridge. Biannually, we hold a Plashet Old Student Association day where we welcome back former students. Our most senior ‘old girl’ is now well into her 90s!

Plashet is a caring, comprehensive school for girls, which offers an academic and stimulating learning environment. Our students are smart, respectful and committed to their learning. There is a real flavour of intellectual curiosity and ambition at Plashet. The education we provide will develop your daughter’s knowledge, understanding and skills such that she can become a highly qualified, responsible young woman who can follow her academic journey beyond our walls.

Your daughter will find her learning challenging at Plashet.  She will be taught by expert teachers who will share their fascination for their subjects with her and who will have very high expectations about her attitude and preparedness for learning each day.

My staff and I set high standards in every area of school life and consequently, Plashet is a disciplined, happy and caring place.   Examination results and rates of progress have, for the last 10 years, placed us in the top 5% of schools nationally. There are many activities beyond the classroom to involve your daughter further in the life of the school.  Our young women have many opportunities and responsibilities. Their views are important, as are their relationships with us, and each other.

Working together to promote and celebrate achievement underpins all we do. Our students are highly motivated and keen to achieve their potential but their success does not happen accidentally. We are a school where everyone has a passion to learn; our students are encouraged to be both academically and creatively curious and inquisitive in their learning. We employ a strategic set of interventions to target learning at the individual level. Your daughter’s learning at Plashet will be designed, analysed and guided by us throughout her five years in a personalised and bespoke way that lays the foundation for a happy and successful experience whilst at our school.

Year on year, the school attracts a very high number of first choice applications. The school has a curriculum that meets the needs of all students and provides them with a clear path towards their chosen profession or career. The school is a happy, flourishing and mutually respectful place of learning.

We are proud to be an inclusive school that promotes:

  • Academic achievement
  • Enriching experiences
  • Equality
  • Aspiration

Dynamic and engaging teaching and learning sit at the heart of academic opportunity and success at Plashet.  We strive to challenge and nurture every individual, developing independence, curiosity, and self-belief.   The girls achieve excellent results in public examinations.

When a girl joins Plashet, we will encourage her to develop originality and creativity both in her character and in her thinking.  It is a journey that she will continue throughout her life.  There are two beliefs that lie at the heart of everything we do:

  • Firstly, to develop as a happy, self-confident person, girls must be part of a school environment that is warm, accepting, and dedicated to developing people as individuals and fostering the passions.
  • Secondly, to develop real academic enthusiasm, students must learn to do more than just pass exams or assimilate knowledge, and they must learn to think deeply, critically and spontaneously, and to challenge expectations of their subjects and of themselves.


Rachel McGowan
Head Teacher

Plashet School