Reporting Learning Progress

For students in all years, we report to parents/carers three times a year about their daughter’s progress. The vehicles for this are:

  • A Progress Check
  • A Parents’ Meeting Event
  • A full Academic Report

In addition, there are meetings for parents/carers at specific stages of their daughter’s education. These are:

  • Year 7 Meet the Tutor
  • Year 11 Post-16 Pathways

If at any stage parents/carers wish to discuss the progress of their daughter in any subject area, they are encouraged to contact specific subject teachers via, stating their daughter’s name and tutor group clearly in the subject line.

Celebrating Learning and Progress

The Plashet Rewards system is embraced by students and staff alike. Staff recognise students’ participation, engagement and progress with their learning throughout the year.

Students wear their award pins with pride and these are awarded in assemblies.

The Plashet Star & Certificate is a very special award made annually by the Head Teacher.

Award pins should be worn throughout the student’s school life.


Plashet School